Chef Services

Personal Family Chef

I will prepare specialized meals for clients in the Alameda County area either in clients’ kitchens or my own. I plan meals according to clients’ specifications, preferences, and dietary needs, shop for meal ingredients, and package or serve meals accordingly.

Private Event Chef

I’d love to help take the pressure off of a special event you’re hosting by worrying about it all for you!

With COVID locking down all the restaurant’s everyone is ordering in. Why pay for soggy second rate leftovers delivered to your door for twice the money only to have it arrive late and cold? 

I’ll do all of your food planning, shopping, cooking, serving, and cleaning. If needed, my service team is ready and waiting to exceed your expectations.

So, sit back and enjoy a delicious, hot, and fresh meal made right in front of you.

Going on a trip? Don’t forget to pack your Chef!

Let me handle all your dining needs. Whether you want every meal prepared or just a few, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts I can do it all.

Go out with your friends and family. Explore and wander without worry. While you’re gone, I will handle all the shopping and preparing. When you’re ready, return to a hot meal and a set table.

Cooking Classes

I enjoy teaching private cooking classes for those looking to improve their own abilities.