Jessica Brunelli

Are you looking for a Private Chef?

Meet the chef, Jessica Brunelli, a culinary artist with a journey as diverse as the flavors she crafts. Before diving into the world of culinary arts, Chef Jessica spent 13 years car racing, steering everything from Go Karts, Formula BMW to NASCAR. When the time came to shift gears and focus more on college, a decision to transition into the culinary world unfolded.

For Chef Jessica, food isn’t just a career; it’s a heritage deeply embedded in her being. Raised in a family where everyone wears the chef’s hat, meals around her table were rarely enjoyed by just her and her parents. The spirit of Italian hospitality prevailed, and unexpected guests were always welcomed with open arms. Entertaining and connecting through food grew to be the core of Jessica’s identity. Blessed to know family recipes spanning oceans and decades, she considers herself fortunate to have inherited this culinary legacy. 

Her journey into the culinary world took a formal turn at Le Cordon Bleu and The Art Institute, where Chef Jessica found her true calling and began her culinary career. She honed her skills in prestigious kitchens such as the Inn of the Seventh Ray in Topanga, and Hinoki and the Bird in Los Angeles before becoming the Chef-Owner of Private Event Chef.

When the pandemic cast a shadow over the culinary industry, affecting so many, Jessica stood firm in the belief that the one constant in life is the need for good food and celebration. Drawing on her entrepreneurial spirit, she decided it was the opportune moment to build a business that not only provided for her but allowed her to continue touching lives through food, creating edible memories.

To Jessica, food is more than sustenance; it’s a sensory journey that evokes powerful emotions. Through her business, Private Event Chef, she has not only provided for herself but has also had the privilege of employing hardworking individuals and contributing to countless special moments in people’s lives for the last 3 years. As Jessica continues to grow as a chef, she looks forward to being shaped by the wonderful individuals she serves, creating a tapestry of culinary experiences that linger in the hearts and palates of those she encounters.